// text and photography by Marjolein den Hartog


Baptised in Ghent

On a recent visit to the Belgian city of Ghent, I gave my new Nikon D750 camera its proper ‘baptism’. I was especially curious to see how it performed on very high ISO settings. The two night images in this series were taken handheld at 3200 ISO, which still resulted in perfectly usable photos. And I just couldn’t believe that, even when putting the ISO up to as high as 10,000, the noise (digital ‘grain’) was still very acceptable! I was also happy with the amount of detail when using lower ISO settings and a smaller aperture. I still have a lot to practice compared with my D700, which almost felt like an ‘extended limb’, but I’m sure I will love this camera just as much!

The photos:

1.    Numerous picturesque façades along the Leie River in the old city centre.
2.    Mouthwatering cupcakes (and other sweets) at Julie’s House.
3.    The wallpaper shop Priem is run by two elderly sisters, who sell hundreds of retro wallpapers.
4.    A kudu head dominates the Alchemist bar.
5.    Old lace bobbins and other haberdashery at the flea market Bij Sint-Jacobs.
6.    Various wallpaper remains after a neighbouring building was demolished in the city’s Art Quarter.
7.    Mustard and pickle shop Tierenteyn-Verlent still has its original 1860s interior.
8.    A decorated wooden door in Ghent’s medieval quarter Patershol.
9.    The Belfry with a modern wooden city pavilion in front of it.
10.    Step-gabled houses aplenty.
11.    Ghent’s oldest sweet shop Temmerman sells all kinds of old-fashioned and typical Ghent sweets like ‘cuberdons neuzen’ and ‘lutsepoepe’.