// text and photography by Marjolein den Hartog


Into the Great Unknown

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Since April, I’ve mainly been out and about, exploring several local areas owned by Staatsbosbeheer. This organisation for nature-reserve management sent me on a mission to photograph the specific character of many of their areas, as well as document the educational activities that take place there. 
Early-morning encounters with roe deer, hares, and red cattle were some of the highlights on this assignment, as was the witnessing of the changing vegetation throughout the season. Each time I revisited a certain area was different, and I never knew what to expect, or what bird, insect, or other species I would meet. Apart from those wonderful experiences, I came to know my own surroundings a lot better. How often had I previously driven right past a beautiful lake, rich with water birds, that I never knew the existence of? Or that I left the beaten track and just started foraging, right into the great unknown? 
Here’s a small selection of my personal favourite photos – from beautiful landscapes to macro or abstract shots. These photos were taken in the Betuwe and Bommelerwaard areas: ‘t Broek (Waardenburg), Nieuwe Zuiderlingedijk (Asperen), Koornwaard (Heukelum), Munnikenland/Loevestein (Poederooijen), and Kil van Hurwenen.